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You know, there are some people that don’t care a whole lot about a whole lot, and then there are others, like myself, who care an awful lot about an awful lot.  That being said, there is stuff that  really matters the very most to me and it’s pretty simple actually...  Relationships are extremely important to me.  My relationship with God, my family, my friends...it’s all very important.  I’m not really a “thing” kind of person.  I’m a “people” person.

I have a vision for something that is greater than I can put into words. “Validating Every Child, Everywhere...” comes as close as I can to communicating my heart when it comes to “loving up” on little kids.

As a girl, I remember only wanting to play with baby dolls.  No Barbies for me!  I had to have someone to nurture, to care for, to love...  As I matured, I seemed to develop a sensitivity specifically targeting children, of all ages, who were in need of a word of encouragement, validating the very fiber of their being.  It was almost as if Someone much greater than I, wanted to see children realize their significance and their potential.

Stuff that matters...

Anne Wolff Shelton         
AKA: Anni

50 Years Old

September 20

St. Louis, MO
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Erin Brockovich, Sense and Sensibility, Secretariat, Curious George


Gary Shelton, Colbie Caillat, Michael Buble

George Benson, Michael Franks, Carly Simon


Redeeming Love, Women of Destiny, What’s So Amazing About Grace?, You Are Special




I’m a color freak!  I love to experiment with mixing up new ones and very few make me wrinkle my nose...



University of Missouri-Columbia


Elementary Education, Special Education + Psychology